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Anne Macann AcupunctureI am a NZ registered physiotherapist (ACC registered) as well as a registered acupuncturist in both the Physiotherapy Acupuncture Association NZ (PAANZ) and the Australasian Toyohari Association.

What I do:

I use a mixture of therapeutic exercise, joint mobilizations, trigger point acupuncture (for referred pain from muscles) and an extremely gentle form of Japanese acupuncture (Toyohari)

How does it help you?

The mixture of physiotherapy and acupuncture means I can treat low back pain, neck pain, sciatica, chronic and acute muscle /joint pain at every stage, from the constant, severe agony to the occasional ache.

The Japanese style of acupuncture I practice is gentle; it balances your energy giving you better health. Because of this muscle, joints and other complaints heal faster.

Anne practice Address:
9 Cambridge Street,
Phone: 03 544 2138


If you want to contact Anne to make or cancel a booking please do NOT leave a comment on this website…. Instead please call her on:

03 544 2138.

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